Safe and Reliable

UHPPOTE can deal with 4-door network control system, convenient to install, easy to use. With network communication of TCP/IP, its products can work on both Android and Windows.


Waterproof Entrance Guard Locks

UHPPOTE products realize the admittance both by key input and by cards, the waterproof metal design makes electronic locks more secure.


Super Strong Magnetic

UHPPOTE super strong magnetic door locks are specially designed for those who are unwilling to get up to open the door, the UL certified magnetic lock can communicate with the receiver through the remote controller for the admittance of the guest(s).


Secure : the security door locks with user setting mode


Convenient : DIY mode makes theoperation

Our Story

Focus on safer, more private, and more effective entrance guard equipment.

UHPPOTE is a company integrating R&D, production, marketing and service. Its products are designed, manufactured and tested in strict accordance with national and international standards to ensure the quality requirements, and a perfect quality management system has been established throughout the company.


Easy to operate and convenient to install


With protection system, safety is secured.


The quality is guaranteed and the product is safe.


Professional after-sale service and quick reaction

Appraisals from the Customers

With years of sales experience in Amazon and customers’ high acclaims, UHPPOTE will bring more security experience for the customers

Jesse Nietzer

This unit comes exactly described in terms of functionality and usability. The board itself is well marked for each input/power/etc. Having removable plugs makes wiring it up very easy. Once I got everything configured, this unit worked exactly as expected.


Great price, but the instruction and software that comes with it doesn't help much. Software is written to run on windows which I had to reverse engineer the network communication and write my own program that runs on raspberry pi and totally disregard the internal user database.


This is the ultimate low cost access control system. Im running 2 of these with the accessory fire alarm boards and can do just about anything I want from the software. Its a bit of a learning curve and there is very little support out there,

Caztek Engineering

Powers up and reads cards fine. I can't connect to the controller to program the access. Worthless to me like this. Need help (rated 1 star).I'm using "Contactless Cards Management System V6.9.21.18353, database verson 33".